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Hosting your Industry Meeting on Prince Edward Island


We all know that planning and creating an experience is so much more than printing brochures, booking your speakers, and having good food.

Because people remember how a place made them feel long after they’ve landed back home.

Prince Edward Island is one of the safest, affordable, and most welcoming destinations. When you convene in PEI for meetings and conventions you’ll be connected with the innovators who are shaping the future, the thought leaders who are leading the way, and the business and research architects who can elevate your next event across multiple industries. Research tells us meeting here makes delegate engagement soar; connecting with our team is the first step to your best conference ever.

Internationally recognized expertise & infrastructure

World class knowledge-base

Centres of Excellence

Everything is Close, Walkable, Safe

Islanders are Warm & Friendly

Memorable Unique Venues

Seaside experiences like no other


Farms represent almost 43% of total land area on PEI making it the location of choice for companies engaged in farm-level research, innovation and adoption projects.


The Prince Edward Island Bioscience Cluster is the location of choice for companies engaged in the research, development, and commercialization of bioactive-based human, animal, and fish health and nutrition products.


Aerospace centres on Prince Edward Island provide organizers of international conferences an array of unique locations to connect with the world’s foremost industry experts and leading researchers, advancing global connections along the way.