Celtic Performing Arts Centre

Officially opened in July, 2018, the Celtic Performing Arts Centre is a state-of-the-art facility that seats 290 people and is fully accessible.  The Centre is designed to be functional and flexible and can host a wide variety of performances, conferences and meetings.

The latest in technology has been installed in the Celtic Performing Arts Centre and using computerized modelling, the sound system has been designed to reach every corner of the theatre, so that no matter where an audience member is seated, they are able to enjoy the event on stage!

The theatre has a relatively steep pitch to the seating, so there isn’t a bad seat in the house.  The Celtic Performing Arts Centre has comfortable theatre seating and is air-conditioned for the audience’s comfort. The theatre itself is divided into two levels of seating, fixed seating in the upper area and retractable seating in the lower area, allowing placement of tables for conferences and weddings, once the seats are retracted.

With its large stage and wing space, stand-alone set pieces can be moved on and off the stage during performances, but through the magic of lighting, the stage can be made intimate for smaller conference needs as well and is outfitted with an LCD projector and full screen.

In its inaugural year, the facility hosted a wide variety of venue users.  From Highland dance and Bagpipe competitions, recitals for The College and local theatre and dance studios, musical theatre for a Summerside school, Conferences for local organizations, fundraisers, our summer show (with 26 performances), single touring performances and The College’s first annual “Celebrate the Season” event, that featured nine very different shows in celebration of the holiday season.  The venue remains very busy and used by many different community groups as renters and our own presentations.

A lot of thought was put into the spaces throughout the new venue, and it is larger than it appears from outside!  Backstage hosts two dressing rooms, both with open cubby spaces for hanging costumes and bright lights for make-up application.  Backstage also houses a nearly soundproof, studio with a wooden sprung floor, floor to ceiling mirrors and barres.  This space is used as a teaching space, warm up space as well as a green room and changing areas for larger productions.

Below the Celtic Performing Arts Centre’s lobby, you will find 4 very special rooms.  There are three studio rooms and a recording studio squirrelled away in the lowest level of the new building.  These have been created for use as studio spaces for artists to use to record a new album, for podcasts and practice and teaching spaces for instructors, students and the public.  The College has the ability to record what is occurring on stage at any given moment, but also, since there isn’t an orchestra pit in the Celtic Performing Arts Centre, there is the ability to have musicians in the studio rooms and their live music projected into the theatre itself!  These studio rooms also work as green rooms and “quiet rooms” for larger groups using the facility.  We use these spaces for our musicians in our summer show, Highland Storm, to record the music to be played live during the show to be recorded for our Highland and step dance instructors to play as they create the choreography that their dancers will perform on stage.


Celtic Performing Arts Centre – Inventory of Services

What is the Celtic Performing Arts Centre?

1. It is a teaching facility with break-out studios for instruction in traditional Island cultural music and dance, specifically, fiddle, the Great Scottish bagpipe, Scottish style snare drumming, Highland and Island step dance. As a week to week educational facility this is what we teach the youth of our regional communities both here and in Charlottetown.

2. It is an entertainment venue for Island performing artists both professional, new and emerging. We have an auditorium with specifically designed acoustics for the sounds of Celtic and Acadian music including bagpipes and accordion. Did we mention the recording studio that can record the entire content of your performance or business conference?

3. It is more than an entertainment centre, teaching facility and recording studio. It can host smaller business meetings, conventions and weddings for those seeking an affordable alternative to meeting in a large urban centre. The added bonus is visiting Prince Edward Island and sharing in the scenery and the lifestyle of its citizens from a central location. You can cover more scenic ground from East, West North and South from Summerside, PE.

4. Summerside is the “Hub of the Island” and is 25 minutes from Confederation Bridge and less than an hour from Charlottetown. The performing arts centre through its collaboration within the accommodations, hospitality and tourism sectors can refer business groups interested in scenic coastal tours, lobster dinners, fishing expeditions and of course provide access to an array of professional entertainment options on its own stage or others.

5. Audio visual equipment is complete with a twenty foot digital video screen located at the back of our stage with uncompromising sight lines from every seat in the auditorium. Studios used for music lessons can serve as break-out rooms for business discussions.

6. It is a venue that can accommodate local performing artists. Ideal for any evening’s break from a heavy afternoon of business. This option is suited to those who wish to experience heartfelt Celtic and Acadian traditional music and dance. Very enjoyable during or after a catered dinner.

7. Access many favorite Island stops from Summerside by referral to reliable local tour operators but early booking is suggested. Tours can include North Cape Coastal Drive Green Gables Shore Red Sands Shore Charlottetown Points East Coastal Drive