The Lennox Island Mi’kmaq Cultural Centre

The Lennox Island Mi’kmaq Cultural Centre was officially opened on June 28, 2000 by the Honorable Governor General of Canada, Adrien Clarkson. The centre has interpretive displays that explain the history, culture, language, spirituality and religion of the Mi’kmaq through to the present day. These displays, as well as the cultural centre’s artifacts and photographs, positively promote our history and customs. We also feature cross-cultural awareness programs and educational sessions.

Authentic Mi’kmaq Experiences and workshops:

Get in touch with the Mi’kmaq people’s history and culture with unique hands-on experiences that you can’t get anywhere else in Prince Edward Island.

Bannock and Clams

Start your day building a fire to cook traditional Bannock bread in the sand. While your delegates are cooking they learn about Lennox Island and the Mi’kmaq culture, listen to stories and enjoy a traditional feast!

The Beat of One Drum

Attendees learn how to soak, stretch and wrap moose hide around a wooden drum frame — punching holes in the hide and eventually pulling hide strings through to tighten it and make a finished product.

Mi’kmaq Quill Art

The fine art of classic quill art is an ancient Mi’kmaq tradition that uses porcupine quills, weaved together on pieces of birch bark. It became a popular trade item, beginning in the 1600s. Participants will spend time at Lennox Island and will have the opportunity to harvest their materials needed out on the territory, learn about the different styles of this classic ancient art form, create their own quill work.