Stephanie J Allen – Human Potential Expert. Speaker. Author.

Stephanie J Allen is the President of Gateway Development, a Canadian-based leadership and team development firm serving organizations and individuals who are ready to increase their productivity and results. As a seasoned Human Potential Expert and having worked nationally and internationally, Stephanie has developed solid systems for transformation and growth. The seasoned speaker, best selling author and therapist and her team have worked with thousands of clients and some of the world’s top organizations on fostering healthier and more productive leaders and team environments.

Industry Sectors:  Associations | Energy | Education | Professional Services | Government | Small Business


Confidence Code for Professionals
Conquer fear and uncertainty, gain confidence and certainty, and improve your net worth and impact. Stephanie helps you travel your best path to align to purposed reach potential.


Stephanie J. Allen is an award-winning public speaker who delivers a powerful message of inspiration and motivation to help audiences and companies shift paradigms.

Shift happens from the Inside Out
The three-point system for maximizing your leadership potential.

Elevate your Energy Potential
Strategies for work and like that increase satisfaction and productivity for great results.


Five Elements for a Positive Work Culture
Creating lasting change for healthy team dynamics.

The Change Vortex
Resiliency practices for a positive, impactful team.


The profiling system for entrepreneurs to find their flow.
Are you feeling stuck in your business or life and unsure of the steps to take to get where you want to be? As a chronic pain therapist for over 30 years, I’ve noticed that when we don’t have a way to express our gifts, strengths and passions, we experience pain. This pain may be physical in our bodies, or it may manifest as a struggle or dissatisfaction with our lives: jobs, relationships, finances or a lack of meaning. When we connect to our deep self, discovering and acknowledging our gifts, strengths, and passions, and we are given a way to unfold them in the world in a way that gets our needs met; pain goes away. We are then inspired and driven by passion that fills us with resiliency and a deep ability to move forward with certainty and clarity for success. If you are ready to discover your greatness, grow your potential and make an impact, then you are ready for a session with Wealth Dynamics and Life Mission.

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