Kensington and Area Chamber of Commerce

The Kensington and Area Chamber of Commerce, which was formerly known as the “Kensington Area Board of Trade”, was started in the spring of 1961 after several local area residents; who at the time were members of the “Summerside Board of Trade”, decided to form their own organization.

The Chamber is a Non-Profit organization of business people and corporations established with the objective to promote and improve trade and commerce, and the economic, civil, and social welfare of Kensington and the surrounding Communities. The Chamber works hard to promote the interest of the business community to Government and the communities at large.

Currently, the Kensington Chamber serves approximately 120 member organizations. It is governed by a Board of Directors, who work to fulfill the mandate and mission of the organization. Each member in good standing is eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting, held in January or February. They get to vote on the election of board members, bylaws, budget, etc.

The organization operates under specific bylaws that are filed and made official by Corporations Canada. The Chamber bylaws are currently in the process of being reviewed and revised.