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About PEI

A place where the earth meets the sea

Whether you’ve visited Prince Edward Island every summer since you were 9-years-old or have only seen photos on travel blogs, chances are you already know there’s something magical about it.

Because very few other places in the world offer this unique blend of stunning seascapes and fishing villages, wind-swept fields and friendly people, charming cities and historic landmarks. Located just off the east coast of Canada, our small island awakens the senses and acts as the perfect backdrop to bring people together to learn, connect and explore.


That all sounds great, but what’s the weather like?

Summertime offers perfect beach weather and temperatures ranging from high 20°C (70°F) to 30°C (90°F), with minimal humidity. Light summer apparel is recommended.

You will definitely need proper winter gear if you come to enjoy wintertime, as temperatures can range from -3°C to -22°C (25°F to 11°F).
Vibrant with foliage colours, autumn is clear and bright, with temperatures from 8°C to 22°C (46°F to 72°F).

Spring is comfortable and much like fall, with temperatures ranging from 8°C to 22°C (46°F to 72°F).