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Bring your conference home to pei

We’re excited that you want to help us host business events on the island we call home!

Did you know that in 2023 business events brought $23.5 million in economic impact to Prince Edward Island? And that business event attendees spend 4 times more than the average traveller (Source: Meetings Mean Business Canada).

Good for business, good for our community, good for our Island!

If your company’s head office or an association you’re involved with is planning any upcoming business events— we challenge you to BRING IT HOME to PEI.

 Save yourself the time and worry of making phone calls to hotels or transportation providers and let us handle the legwork. Meetings & Conventions PEI is a FREE resource offering expert services during every step of your business event planning process. Fill out the form below to get planning with us. 

Our services are FREE, but the positive impact when you BRING IT HOME is priceless!

Bring It Home:


9 Queen St.
Charlottetown, PE
(855) 368 3688

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© 2023 Meetings & Conventions, Prince Edward Island