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Sean White

/ 2 min read

As a First Resort

Holding meetings or conferences in big cities is quite common.  A good choice of hotels and facilities, lots of dining and entertainment options for free time enjoyment. Seems like the easiest option from the event planner’s perspective, right?

As a First ResortUnique Resorts:

far from cookie-cutter

City-based conferences are not the only game in town, though (pardon the pun!).  In fact, resort meetings and conventions provide many advantages over downtown locations.In general, if you’ve seen one large city hotel, you’ve seen them all.  Predictable layouts, valet parking, high-rise configurations, and opening onto busy streets are all hallmarks of typical urban meeting and convention spaces.  Resorts, on the other hand, are far from cookie-cutter.  Of course, some have typical hotel rooms, but many also offer cottage, chalet or suite options.  For sure, each resort has its own personality and vibe that contribute to the overall meeting environment.


“Each resort has its own personality and vibe that
contribute to the overall meeting environment.”


An Energizing Oasis

Most resorts are located far from busy streets, perched on riverbeds or ocean fronts or situated amid pastoral landscapes, with spaciousness providing many options for enjoying the great outdoors before, during or after business proceedings.  For example, such settings are ripe for walking meetings, following in the footsteps of Aristotle who walked as he taught, sure to energize and inspire participants.  Even the most stringent workaholic cannot help but breathe deeper and slow down in a resort setting.

Resort meetings or conferences ensure a captive audience. Being somewhat off the beaten path, participants have no need to duck out early to run errands and cannot slip back to their office for a few minutes (which then expands to an hour or more).  Besides, with all the amenities typical resorts offer, there really is no reason to leave.


Privacy Guaranteed

Networking just seems easier and more natural in a relaxed setting.  Walking on a beach with a colleague, snow shoeing through a well-groomed trail system, catching a spectacular sunrise during a group run, or even sharing roasting sticks during a s’mores-making session all lead to a level of conversation which would unlikely happen in a more staid setting.  Participants bused to a resort start becoming familiar with each other before they even check in.

If meeting needs and venue offerings are aligned, a buyout ensures that there is space for everyone and your group has the place to itself.  Buyouts allow privacy for conducting sensitive or confidential meetings or strategy sessions. This situation also fosters a certain level of camaraderie and friendliness – because there are no strangers, just colleagues or counterparts you haven’t yet met!

With respect to availability and cost, typical resort bookings favour weekends; therefore, meetings or conventions held during the week can actually be pulled together with a price tag comparable to, or even less than, other options.

Make it a Vacation

As a First ResortAnd, finally, resorts are ideal locations for conference participants who want to bring their families along.  With pools, playgrounds, trails and a host of other kid-friendly options, youngsters can be easily occupied during meeting times and there are also family activities and entertainment available outside the agenda.

In a resort setting, you and your participants will have the best of both worlds: being productive while being relaxed, making decisions while making memories, and enjoying colleagues while enjoying the surroundings.

From small to large, from seaside to inland, from chalets to hotel rooms, you can easily find a Prince Edward Island resort to meet your meeting or convention needs.  Contact Meetings & Conventions PEI today to see how we can help you choose one of these beautiful properties as your first resort.