Tiny Island, Huge Foodie Culture

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  • 1983 year Culinary Institute of Canada founded
  • 89,000 acres of potatoes grown
  • 23.8 million pounds of lobster hauled in

Looking for foodie heaven? Set your sights on Prince Edward Island (PEI). Join a chef for an Island Flavours “culinary boot camp” and find out why Canada’s smallest province is gargantuan in the world of foodies. Island chefs are envied by many for their access to an impressive array of fresh ingredients, including potatoes from the Island’s legendary iron-rich red soil, meats, and seafood. Accompany your chef on a trip to local markets, where you learn more about the island’s abundance of culinary riches from the people who produce them. Help select ingredients for recipes you’ll learn later in the day—maybe you’ll include world-renowned, freshly dug, new potatoes. Then follow your chef into the kitchens of The Culinary Institute of Canada. Wash your hands, then get them dirty—this is boot camp and that means a cooking workout! Slice, dice, and cook under the guidance of your chef as you create a culinary masterpiece together.
Plate up, and celebrate your successes with your chef and new friends as you feast on your farm-to-table achievements in our beautiful dining room overlooking the breathtaking Charlottetown Harbour.

Why you should visit

• Maximize your time with someone who knows their way around the island’s markets and food resources.
• Learn about the variety and abundance of foods produced here.
• Learn some inside secrets from the culinary world as you work alongside a professional chef.
• The Culinary Institute of Canada is part of Holland College’s Tourism and Culinary Centre. It provides culinary and hotel & restaurant management training to an international student body and is regarded by many as the premiere culinary school in Canada.