Dunes Café and Studio Gallery

Dunes Café and Studio Gallery is an architecturally striking cultural centre and dining spot with a panoramic view of dunes and ocean which offers a unique fine dining experience, featuring local Island produce and seafood served on dishes made in our pottery studio.


Route 15, Brackley Beach
18 km past the airport
1.5 km from the Park gates

Dates of Operation:

May 1st until October 31st

Seating Capacity:

65; sit down dinner for up to 50

Special Features:

You and your guests will discover this unique and cosmopolitan venue situated with a breathtaking rural backdrop of water gardens, dunes, and seascapes.  Allow your guests to explore the gallery as your reception flows exclusively through all four levels plus decks and gardens, for a truly memorable event.

The Dunes Café and Studio Gallery, serves first-rate lunches and dinners inside and out of the gallery featuring the colorful work of Canadian artisans. The appealing menu ranges from lobster rolls to Asian-inspired dishes. Diners often arrive early to have drinks and to take a stroll through the gardens complete with statues, water features, and awesome floral displays.

Receptions and walking buffets, circulated by servers are available for up to 200, and sit down dinner for up to 50 persons.

Off-Site Catering Capabilities: 

Off-season only.