Experience History and A Taste of the Past. The Farmers Bank of Rustico was designated a National Historic Site in 1959. Here you will discover the story of the Acadians and the visionary priest Father Belcourt who established the Farmers Bank of Rustico, the precursor to the Credit Union Movement in North America. Tour the 1772 Doucet House, the oldest house on the Island, and learn about the daily lives of the early Acadians and their food traditions. Tour the heritage gardens and apple orchard. Experience our food offerings from demonstrations, to lunches and evening experiential meals.

We are located at 2188 Church Rd – Rte. 243 in Rustico. There is a large parking area for motor coaches. Our site is fully accessible with walkways and ramps, an elevator to the second floor, and four accessible washrooms.

We have three gathering spaces: 1) a Meeting Hall that can seat 50 for meals (70 standing); 2) a new Demonstrations & Events Building that can seat 32 (50 standing); and 3) the Doucet Log House where we can seat or stand up to 12 persons. Also, we can accommodate up to two 50-person tours with staggered arrival at one time.

In 2022, as part of the 250th anniversary of the 1772 Doucet Log House we offered an increased experiential food program and traditional Acadian meals in the Doucet House, the oldest house on Prince Edward Island. We also developed and carried-out a successful Festival “Meat Pie” in the six Acadian regions across the Island to further promote the rich Acadian culture. In 2023 we have expanded our offerings with our new Demonstration & Events Building.

Rustico, originally called Grand Rustico, is the oldest Acadian community on Prince Edward Island. Settled in 1764 by returning Acadians following the Deportation of 1758. Bordering on Rustico Bay and the P.E.I. National Park. Visitors will see numerous buildings and dwellings representing three centuries of Architecture which together serve as a legacy of the past and commemorate the determination and ingenuity of the Acadians.

Established in 1996, The Friends of the Farmer’s Bank of Rustico Inc. is made up of volunteers who work year-round to ensure the viability of this National Historic Site. The objectives of the organizations are very clear: to sustain the museum for generations to come and to preserve the Acadian culture in the local community and to provide a welcoming environment where everyone can experience a glimpse of the rich culture and history of the Rustico area.