Greater Summerside Area Chamber of Commerce

Established in 1900, the Greater Summerside Area Chamber of Commerce is a volunteer organization made up of business and professional people sharing a common goal — the economic development of the Greater Summerside area. Small and large businesses from virtually every sector and profession form the membership.

What does the Chamber do?

The Chamber represents and promotes its members. It works to promote and create business opportunities to foster and enhance economic development.

The Chamber serves as an advocacy group for business members, bringing member concerns to municipal, provincial, national and international governments.

It organizes to identify community problems and issues affecting business and provides leadership to solve these problems, accomplishing collectively what no business can do alone.

But the Chamber is so much more

It provides opportunities for networking and professional development, benefits and savings through our Member to Member program, communications and information sharing on items of interest to the business community and a forum for celebrating our own community success stories. And it ties us into a national network of other chambers who are experiencing many of the same challenges and opportunities that we are.

How does the Chamber work?

Volunteer officers and directors are elected from the membership to choose policies based on the mandate of the members. Member volunteers are organized into committees to identify goals and programs. All members can share in the decision-making and shaping of the programs and services of their Chamber. The organization’s success depends on the support and participation of its members.

Who Finances the Chamber?

The Chamber is financed partly through membership fees and partly through revenues derived from events and activities organized for members. It operates as a not-for-profit organization and incurs costs of operation and expenses similar to any other type of business.

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