LIVE & VIRTUAL EVENT EXPERIENCES.  Empowering Audiences to Redefine the Possibilities.

Heather’s energetic and authentic approach keeps her audiences engages and captivated from start to finish.  Known for inspiring people all around the world with the depth of her experiences, she enlightens audiences with her lessons and philosophies for a successful personal and professional life.

The qualities it takes to be successful as an athlete are the same qualities it takes to be successful in any aspect of life – to successfully manage change, face challenges, and overcome obstacles to achieve one’s goals.

And with Heather’s background – as a high-performance multi-sport athlete and with a master’s degree in occupational therapy – she is perfectly qualified to help individuals, groups, and organizations shift their perspective and propel them forward towards their desired outcomes.

If you want to discover what you or your team are truly capable of, you need to book Heather TODAY!