We are the largest local 1 stop shop when it comes to events of all sizes. While we specialize in larger format Galas, Award Shows and Musical events we also do hundreds of smaller press conference, break out rooms and standard meetings. When choosing to hire House-Front for your event you are choosing to hire the best equipment and local staff. Being the largest employer of technical staff on PEI we understand the importance of hiring experience and knowledgable staff.

At House-front we don’t just do standard AV we also have a wide range of extras we use to enhance each event. In our Audio Department we do more than just speakers on stick, we also have line array PA, top notch wireless, large format digital consoles to help with any event wanting to add a musical component. When it comes to lighting we have all the toys, from battery powered LEDs to large colored room lights to any special FX lighting we have you covered.

As we all know Video can play a huge roll in making you’re event stand out from large format projector screens, to seamless video walls to decorative components we have all the tools required including 16:9 screens up to 24ft wide, HD video cameras, wide range of TVs, digital podiums and the largest inventory of LED Screens. For drapery we have hundreds of feet of 16ft tall black and white velour drapery, up to 40ft tall black drapes, Venetian stage drapes and Kabuki reveal drapes. On top of all the fun AV gear we also have a large inventory of stage decks, cable mats, electrical cables and power distribution.

We know its not just the gear that makes the event rather the crew that designs, programs and operates the gear for your event. When you are ready we have a team of designer ready to work with you to make your event a success as well as unique experience for your audience.

For all of our events we use top brands such as D&B, JBL, EV, Digico, A&H, Shure, Sennheiser, Green Go, Grand MA, Chauvet Pro, Martin, LeMaitre, Barco, Christie, Blackmagic, Absen, Stageline to name a few.