McAskill Woodworking

McAskill Woodworking ‘s bright, spacious showroom features the work of numerous Maritime artisans as well as our own work. Mediums from pottery, jewellery, fabric, wood, metal, prints and more are available.

As the seat of Confederation for Canada, Charlottetown has a large collection of remarkable properties, stately homes and historic museums. McAskills Woodworking are proud to do the furniture restoration, commissions and reproduction work for many of them. Our furniture has supported dignitaries’ from lieutenant governors of Prince Edward Island to Prince Charles and Lady Dianna.

Delegate and Speaker Gifts

When we started making woodcrafts we wanted something that represented PEI . The beauty of birds-eye is in the unique patterns of the grain around the eyes. It is a wood native to Prince Edward Island and a large portion of the craft items we make are made from birds-eye, but we have since branched out (forgive the pun) to woods from the world over.

We hand turn and assemble customized wood pens in our shop. The wood is picked for the barrel and grip and finished to a silky smooth feel.

We can imprint any text or artwork on most of your gift of choices. We handcraft our wood gifts right here in our studio. We also have a great selection of gifts from other Island and Maritime artisans.

Other popular gift ideas:

Have a PEI experience!

What Wood You Make?

Visit our studio and smell the aroma of wood being crafted. Upon arrival at the wood studio, we will give you a tour of the work area and let you decide what wood you would like to like to turn a beautiful pen.You get to choose from wood grown on PEI or from any of the species we carry. We will help you design the shape of your turning. You are then ready to start getting dusty!

Learning how to turn.

We will now teach you how to use the lathe to create some magic, turning a square block of wood into a beautiful craft. Come and get dusty with us! Bring the family, friends or coworkers and enjoy a two to three-hour hands-on woodworking experience.

McAskills woodworkingAbout McAskill Woodworking

My father Danny McAskill started this company in 1947. This is a picture of my dad in 1950, polishing a communion table built for one of the local churches. McAskills has built chancellery furniture for over twenty churches on Prince Edward Island. Throughout my father’s working life he built a reputation of quality craftsmanship that is carried on until this day by myself and the talented people that work with me.