Are you struggling with retaining talent?

Have you outgrown your business structure?

Do your teams need to be more effective and efficient?

Do you need a strategy for capital spending?

At RedFox, our goal is to help you find a better version of your company by applying years of hands-on experience. With a customized touch, we specialize in improving 3 areas of your company – People, Productivity, and Process.

Whether you need Lean Six Sigma training, operational strategies, employee engagement plans, leadership coaching, capital planning (and much more) , RedFox is here to help.

My Story

Growing up in rural PEI, you quickly develop a strong sense of identity and drive. Hard work and determination were taught at an early age and I knew I liked to know how things work. I grew up around engines, construction equipment, and 5 gallon buckets of Lego. Life was good.

I put myself through university as a Mechanical Engineer and began a long career in Operations. I’ve had the good fortune to work with several Global companies, travelling extensively and working with wonderful people. You don’t realize how small the world is until you see more of it, and how interconnected we all are.

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPGs), Food and Agriculture, Medical Devices, and Biotechnology have been the industries I worked in and loved every minute of it. I’ve taken companies¬†from a “mom-and-pops” small business mentality to a full corporate structure, building cohesive teams and a positive culture along the way. Certified as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, I’ve been able to save companies millions of dollars.

In starting RedFox, I wanted to help companies become a better version of themselves. I do this by listening, then implementing customized solutions for improving People, Productivity, and Process. I would love the opportunity to learn about your company and how my team and I can help.

Clever Solutions. Growing Your Business. RedFox.

Brian Stewart, P.Eng.
President & Owner