Second Harvest is Canada’s largest food rescue organization and is a global thought leader on perishable food redistribution. We operate at the intersection of hunger relief and environmental protection, tackling food loss and waste through food redistribution, research, awareness, and education, continually innovating and collaborating to ensure a more sustainable planet.

We work with thousands of food businesses from across the supply chain utilizing logistics and technology to reduce the amount of edible food going to waste, thereby diverting unnecessary greenhouse gases from entering the environment. Our inclusive model ensures this healthy surplus food is redirected to thousands of charities and non-profits across the country, providing millions of Canadians experiencing food insecurity access to the nourishment they need. Learn more:

Second Harvest Food Rescue App

The Second Harvest Food Rescue App makes it easy to stop good food from going to waste and get it to those in need. Accessible via your smartphone or through your favourite web browser, this app connects local businesses that have surplus food to social service organizations in their community. From school programs to meals for seniors to food for shelters and more, the Second Harvest Food Rescue App helps keeps healthy food where it belongs – in pantries and on plates, and out of landfills.