Sport Entertainment Tourism Summerside

Sport Entertainment Tourism Summerside (SETS) is a division of the Community Services Department of the City of Summerside, our purpose is to assist minor and amateur sporting bodies along with event organizers in attracting regional, national, and international sporting events in Summerside for the purpose of hosting. Sport Tourism represents over 15,000 visitors to Summerside annually, and is a critical piece of our tourism offering.

The City of Summerside is noted as one of Atlantic Canada’s premier sport destinations with a long history of sport hosting. The SETS team is here to assist the bidding, promoting and hosting process for your event in Summerside. We are SET to assist you in a variety of areas such as:

    • Bid Template
    • Bid Documentation preparation and presentation
    • Financial event planning support
    • Business plan development
    • Accommodation and Block booking support
    • Venue and Facility site inspections
    • Marketplace readiness research
    • Volunteer recruitment support
    • Host Committee involvement
    • Promotional support and tools
    • Welcome Mat Program
    • Administrative support and Meeting space
    • Media Relations Support
    • Researching funding opportunities and Sponsorship direction
    • Graphic Design support
    • Video Production support

In 2020, Summerside ranked 3rd in cities in Canada with populations under 50,000 for hosting sports events and 22nd out of 122 cities for national events! “The Canadian Sport Hosting Index ranks cities hosting national sports championships and international sports events in Canada through a data-driven assessment” said Rick Traer, CEO, Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance. “Our goal, in developing this tool for our members, is to enable host cities to better understand the impact they are delivering through their sport hosting strategies.”

Based on the input provided, each host city receives a score and ranking within its respective CSTA membership category on an annual basis. There were 122 cities that participated, with 561 national championships and 429 international events included in the compilation of the Canadian Sport Hosting Index.

Along with our signature events, the City of Summerside is very proud to host minor grassroots tournaments all year round. In 2014 Summerside played host to 69 sporting events, up from just 17 in 2009 a 306% increase with significant room for growth projected for subsequent years. A total of 97,817 athletes, coaches, and parents have participated in tournaments in Summerside in the past 5 years of which 52,400 were from out of province. In 2015 the projections for sport tourism hosting will exceed beyond 80 sport tourism events hosted in Summerside.