MacPhee Island Hypnosis

Looking for a fun, and most importantly clean, family-friendly entertainer. Matt has been working as a stage hypnotist since 2017 and has delighted audiences across Prince Edward Island and the maritime provinces. He is available Canada-wide. It is Matt’s personal philosophy as an entertainer that a show should be funny because of what is happening on stage regardless of who is doing it. He takes pride in never putting any participants in embarrassing or compromising situations on stage and never asking audience members to reveal personal or embarrassing details about themselves during a show.

The MattMan Hypnosis is a Stage Hypnotist from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island! I am available to do shows across Canada! Although travel expenses may be applied to anything outside of Prince Edward Island. A hypnosis show is a special event because every show you see will be different from the last guaranteeing that no matter how many shows you see, you’ll always see something new! I am committed to providing top-notch entertainment that is appropriate for all age groups! That’s right ages 10 to 10,000 can enjoy my show! (And if you’re 10,000 share the secret with me! I promise not to tell!)

Each and every time you see one of my shows you are guaranteed to get a show that is both hilarious and appropriate for the whole family! As for those who are participating you are guaranteed to have the time of your lives without even getting embarrassed by anything you do because my shows are funny because of the situations you are put in, not because of you!

Remember, when you hire me you aren’t just hiring some entertainer who just wants to get paid and get out. You are hiring someone who will give each and every performance his all whether it is for 50 people or 10,000! You are also hiring an entertainer who has experience in keeping the crowd in stitches throughout the whole show! So what are you waiting for? Request a quote now and prepare to be mesmerized!

Private Events

The MattMan Hypnosis works within your budget. Booking an event can be a troublesome and expensive experience! I understand this and will do everything in my power to work within your budget and make things as easy as possible for you when you are booking with me. Prices will vary depending on the event size, time, and location.

Hypnotizing: Review by Chris McGarry

The Show
Charlottetown–based hypnotist Matt MacPhee had a small though enthusiastic audience intrigued and dying of laughter with his zany, fun-filled act. The family-friendly display of professional hypnotism featured members of the audience putting themselves under the spell of the master dream chaser where they were commanded to dance to the Village People’s “YMCA,” pretend they were Stompin’ Tom Connors, lay on the beach on a scorching summer’s day and even imagine they were in the Tour De France. The hour-long show highlighted some of MacPhee’s greatest skills as a hypnotist.

The Performance
MacPhee was pure gold on stage. The 21–year–old hypnotist has an amazing rapport with his audiences and will have you questioning as to whether what you’re witnessing is real or merely an illusion. Throughout the performance, he stated certain phrases, which were commands for those under his hypnosis to do all manner of hilarious actions, including forgetting numbers, thinking their legs were frozen in place, and going back to sleep every few minutes or so.

Best Thing 
MacPhee shines in his one-man show. He’s comical, energetic, sneaky and serious all in one fell swoop. A true class–act.

Final Thoughts
There is never a dull moment. Dream Chaser is a rollercoaster ride of laughter, fascination and disbelief all throughout. A soundtrack featuring some great tunes as well as sounds enhances the overall show. You will be thoroughly intrigued by the hypnotist’s masterful use of techniques and little tricks used to manipulate the hypnotized into doing what is ordered of them. Whatever your plans are this summer, be sure not to miss Dream Chaser.