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The Secret Ingredient is Attitude – Meetings & Conventions PEI

Sean White

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The Secret Ingredient is Attitude

by Ellen Boddington CMP

Transcribed from a video testimonial – Meetings & Conventions PEI Reception, Toronto April 2016

Ellen Boddington at an M&CPEI reception in Toronto 2016

Ellen Boddington at an M&CPEI reception in Toronto 2016

PEI has a positive attitude in such an outstanding way. You know, attitude is the fiber, the glue, the structural nutrient that holds your event together and brings it to life not only for your participants (your attendees) but also for you.

I had a wonderful time at the Delta Prince Edward Hotel. I was there for 10 days (I think they named a wing of the hotel after me) and used the PEI Convention Centre. An example of a wonderful attitude and great spirit was the General Manager. He came to see me every single day for those 10 days; to check in, to personally connect, and to see what could be done differently, and what could be done better. It was wonderful service.

I also had the opportunity to work with Carl from the New Glasgow Lobster suppers.  In fact, I had arranged for 30 people to go there for a Dinner outing on Fathers Day (and of course that is a busy night for any restaurant) and low and behold the day of the event the numbers went to 50 or 60 and you know what? They had such a wonderful attitude, they handled it with grace and they accepted us no problem at all.

I did some wonderful work with Peakes Quay. John and Ebbie (I swear) they bent over backwards for me, but I think for them it was all in a day’s work, you know? Everyone handled all of the requests, all of the arrangements with such grace and such positive attitude. That is the secret ingredient that I am talking about.

I also wanted to mention Coach Atlantic and the entire team over at Meetings & Conventions PEI they were so helpful, so innovative and I couldn’t have any success without all of them.

“It has been said that friends and good manners will carry you where money won’t go” and I just wanted you to know that this is the performance equation that PEI brings to the table when you happen to bring a program there. I hope to see you all in PEI Soon.

Ellen Boddington, BA, CMP, CMM, is the President & Owner of Stellar Conference & Event Management Inc.
Stellar Conference & Event Management Inc. specializes in venue site selection, corporate and association conferences, meetings and special events since 1999.