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Winging it – Fly PEI

Sean White

/ 2 min read

If you are hosting a national (or maybe even regional) meeting or convention, at least some — and maybe many — of your delegates will have to fly in.  And with our giant patchwork quilt view, Prince Edward Island is a most picturesque destination to fly into.

Hesitant? Don’t be!

While some meeting planners may be hesitant in choosing a non-hub location for their event, such hesitancy is not warranted here on PEI!  In fact, airport usage is on the rise on the Island.

Charlottetown Airport AuthorityAccording to the Charlottetown Airport Authority, there has been a 40% increase in air traffic over the past decade, with more than 7,200 arriving and departing flights carrying nearly 317,000 passengers in 2015.  In August 2016, the airport reached a record-breaking 52,000 passengers, its best month ever.  In fact, PEI’s popularity as a fly in/fly out destination is such that each year the airport sees two passengers for every Islander!

We can help

If you are planning an event on the Island, let us know as soon as you know and we will work our connections to help you find enough seats for your anticipated delegation.  Meetings & Conventions PEI partners with the Charlottetown Airport Authority (Fly PEI) to ensure there is enough air capacity for event delegates and to advocate well in advance for larger planes at conference or convention time.  We can even go so far as to request a letter of understanding with the airport.

While some arriving passengers are surprised at the diminutive size of the Charlottetown Airport, that impression changes as soon as they enter.  Our hospitable airport is so easy to navigate, they are on their way within minutes. They love the convenience of picking up their luggage some 25 feet from the arrivals gate, with a number of car rental kiosks ready, willing and able to assist passengers just steps away.  Queuing for taxis is almost unheard of as the cab companies plan in advance for coverage when major events are taking place.

Perhaps what amazes arrivals the most is the short commute to …. just about anywhere!  For example, travel time from the airport to the Convention Centre is less than 15 minutes.  Not even enough time to check your email, really.

For meetings with 400 or more delegates, we partner with the City of Charlottetown to deliver a complementary “Big Fish in a Small Pond Welcome Program,” welcoming your (and therefore our) guests Island style!  From customized welcome signage (in the airport and in the downtown core) to being greeted at the airport with Cow’s famous chocolate-covered potato chips, we make your delegates feel special from the moment they arrive and throughout their stay.

Departing guests also enjoy the convenience.  While passengers need to respect the airline carrier timeframes for checking in, there is no hotfooting it for what seems like miles to ensure a timely arrival at the gate.  In fact, the check-in counter, restaurant, gift shop and security area are all within steps, with a clear view of the runway once you clear security.

All this convenience adds up to more time for your delegates to meet, conduct business, network and socialize.  And isn’t that why you wanted to bring all your peeps together in the first place?

Would you like to know more about Meetings & Conventions PEI. Contact us!